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Feel free to use MY husband's pics on your page from grizzmid

Well, I did not know, that this picture shows your husband and I assure you that I did not took this picture from Tumblr. I took it from , maybe you should be aware of what you post on the internet and what not and thank the guy who uploaded your pics on a third party website. I can give your blog credit that is not the problem, and If you want I could delete it, if it is a serious problem for you. But you should really think about what I have said before, if you post something on the internet you should be aware that people can take it and post it somewhere else. And like I said, I was not aware of your blog and your pictures of your husband, so I’m sorry that you got offended. However, I hope you can understand my point of view, so we can find a solution for your problem.

(sorry for my lousy english skills)

Have a nice day :)

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